Cooperation with ATHLETES USA


Do you want to study university in USA and keep doing sports for a whole year? Are you interested to apply for sport scholarship? Then Athletes USA is here just for you!


Athletes USA is a world leading company on the market within agencies arranging sport scholarships on US universities. Since it was established, they helped to achieve sport scholarship to more then 1500 athletes with different focus from countries all around the world. They have managed to save more than 100 million $ on scholarship fees from such a families. Athletes USA are cooperating with more then 3 500 of universities in United States of America. In their databases they have registered more than 24 000 trainers from 22 different sport areas which makes them one of the strongest companies in providing help to athletes which wants to acquire such a sport scholarships. Sport scholarships are granted to athletes for their exceptional sport performance so it can help them concentrate on studies and sport, as well as help them to fund such a studies on universities. Athletes are in return fully engaged in trainings and later on they are representing university on different sport competitions and tournaments. Responsibility of the trainers is to supervise on the team and fully support development of individual players. Recruitment system of Athletes USA is speeding up process and it’s providing information to trainers which they need in order to evaluate level of the individual athlete and later on allowing to offer him a sport scholarship.


How this process works?

Students/Athletes can sign into database of Athletes USA for free on the webpage , or they can write on email, whereby the representatives of the company will get in touch with them and they will start to go with them through the process of how to apply on the university.


Preparation and planning

Athletes USA will create marketing materials about the client, which later on will be send to the trainers on US universities. Athletes are also cooperating with us for preparation on necessary exams such as SAT, TEOFL and other necessities which are needed to study on US universities.



In the beginning is only necessary to pay registration fee which is 150 EUR (around 4000CZK), the rest of the amount will have to be payed only if the client accepts offer which Athletes USA will arrange for him. If Athletes USA will not be able to arrange any offer for the client, client won't be paying any additional fees.


What to prepare for?

Client must be prepared that amount of money for scholarship and interest of universities is not only defined by quality of his sport performance, but also by results in independent exams which are necessary in order to study in USA. Exams which athlete needs to complete are SAT and TEOFL. SAT - Scholastic Aptitude Test is one of the most important standard exams which determines whether student will be accepted on universities in United States and it's designed to evaluate knowledge of mathematics, writing and critical reading.


Who can join?

Almost everybody who has fair results in sporting and studying careers. It's actually a combination of both, so if client is worse as a student, but then he is exceptional hockey player, he doesn't need to be afraid to apply.


Best time to start thinking about such a program is around 2 years before graduation. In that case there is plenty of time for everything and necessary steps can be prepared in advance.

Uttermost date is something around half year before planned start on university, but in this case you need realize that all the best scholarships are usually already taken. More here: